The Namdar Group has identified a need for community-organizations to re-purpose their assets to create greater value not just from their under-utilized real estate assets but to further help grow their community member base.

A new focal point is recommended for the community to provide on their under-utilized real estate sites, with the vision of serving the needs of the community, hotel guests and local residents.

The community development opportunities may include the redevelopment of any of the following under-utilized assets:


  • Churches

  • Synagogues

  • Schools

  • Community Facilities

  • Affordable Housing


Namdar Group is creating a new paradigm by undertaking the development of these under-utilized Real Estate assets and transforming them into urban, mixed-use buildings which may include educational, day care, retail, community facility, office and residential elements all with superior design and finishes to meet the current market demands for living and working all under one roof.  

Each project will become the magnet for daytime and night-time activities for all visitors and local residents alike in these new mixed-use developments.




  • Jersey City

  • New York

  • Florida

  • St Kitts

  • Antigua